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Along with knitting and quilting, embroidery too is experiencing a new resurgence in its popularity. Crafters who like quilting, more often than not, enjoy embroidery too and often are torn between the two crafts, as they are both equally engrossing. Fortunately, embroidery and quilting go hand in hand. Crafters who enjoy quilting but also want to pursue the craft of embroidery can follow them both in a combined craft.

Embroidered quilts are perhaps the most beautiful crafted creations that man has hand made. An example of this the crazy quilts of the Victorian era. These quilts are mostly made from silk, usually leftovers from men's ties or other pieces of fabric, and are pieced together randomly and then embellished with heavy embroidery. Even if you are more attracted to the traditional quilts, you must not fail to have a look at the crazy quilts to have an idea about what kind of embroidery you can use for embellishing your quilt. The embroidery in crazy quilts is extensive and very often it covers nearly the entire area of the surface of the quilt. But in case you don't have time for that, you cal always use embroidery in touches here and there to give your quilted clothing or quilt some texture and depth.

It is really easy to learn embroidery stitches and it is likely that you already know some. You can go through some websites on the internet to find pictures or photographs of embroidery stitches. Chain and blanket stitches for outlining, and decorative stitches alike herringbone, feather, lazy daisy, cross and straight stitches are some embroidery stitches you can use on your quilt.

Embroidery and appliqué are often used together and many quilters use appliqué as a part of their technique. Appliqué techniques involve layering one fabric on top of the other, unlike sewing together pieces of fabric together. The edges of appliqué pieces can be decorated with embroidery stitches. You can even use embroidery on background fabric for emphasizing the appliquéd pieces. The embroidery floss manufacturers have to keep pace with the developments in the crafting world and along that direction they have now offered floss in different fibers including rayon, perle cotton, silk and even hemp and linen. They also offer brilliant and vibrant colors, with plenty that offer variegated and hand dyed flosses.

Often quilters prefer to do machine quilting, instead of hand. They might even prefer to embroider their quilts by machine. There are a number of powerful sewing machines available in the market and embroidering is hence made extremely easy. A number of sewing machines have functions for embroidery with a variety of stitches that are easy to use with just a switch on the machine. Like embroidery floss, a number of specialty threads are offered for machine embroidery.

You can add embroidery to your quilt and experience an entirely new aspect of quilting apart from making your quilt beautiful without measure.

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