Crochet Danish Heart Christmas Decoration (Julehjerte) - Crochet Graphgan

For easy to follow step by step instructions please visit : Traditional Danish heart Christmas decorations make for a perfect Scandi addition to your Christmas Tree. Known in Denmark as a "Julehjerte", these woven heart baskets are often hung from Christmas trees and filled with candy. I have seen many Danish heart Christmas decorations made out of felt and paper, so I decided to create a crochet version. If there's anything you need help with please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below. Please like and subscribe ☺️ Stitch abbreviations I will be using - Ch : Chain Sl St : Slip Stitch Sc : Single Crochet Also, when the step says for e.g "(2 sc in next sc. Sc in next sc) 3 times", this means you need to put 2 sc into the same stitch then a normal sc in the following stitch. You'll then want to repeat this 2 more times. Suggested Yarn and Crochet Hook Size - I used worsted weight yarn and a 3.00mm crochet hook as they were only $0.99 CAD/£0.60 GBP each from the craft store. However, you can simply adjust hook size to get a smaller or larger heart pattern. Social Media : Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: