Crochet Mini Christmas Wreath Tutorial | Girlybunches - Crochet Slippers

Hi Crochet Friends! Sorry had to re-upload - thanks to +zetaCrafter for pointing out my mistake, if only editing videos was as easy as crochet :) Check out my Blog - BIG Thank you to Mummy Girlybunches who kindly transcribed this video in English. This week I will show you how I made this adorable little Christmas bow decoration. There are two parts to this video so you're getting two videos this weekend, you lucky things lol. :) Here is the mini bow video - Here is a link to the Cute decoration I made earlier this year. Cochet Magic Loop: Some links below might help you out, I use British Terminology.. so here is a link to a video explaining the differences, just in case you didn’t know there were any: My playlist showing you how to do all the Basic Stitches can be found here: Crochet Tension: Remember you can leave comments below to ask questions or request new videos! I hope you like this video, if you do, I would love a thumbs up! I would love you to subscribe so hit that subscribe button now! :D If you just want to say Hi!, you can find me here: Facebook: Twitter Instagram : @girlybunches or my new Goggle+ Page Thanks for watching, and reading this far! you ROCK! , bye for now Olivia x