Open Shell Stitch Tutorial - Crochet Graphgan

Open Shell Stitch Tutorial FAQ: ~Do you have a written pattern~ No, I do not make written patterns for my tops, but I am thinking about starting to and selling them... ~What kind of yarn do you use~ This particular yarn is from Lion Brand, but I use whatever yarn looks and feels nice, there is no specific yarn you must use for my tutorials, it's up to you. ~What weight is your yarn~ I'm pretty sure they are all 4. ~I don't understand...Need clarification... Can you explain..ect.~ For any other questions you may have, I offer a 30 minute Skype session where I can help you one on one on any area of crochet you may need help on. It is available on my online store. I cannot understand the issue unless I see it, and I cannot explain how to fix it unless I show you. ~I want to thank my subscribers for being so supportive, sharing my videos with their friends, and leaving thoughtful comments. You rock!! ∩(︶▽︶)∩~ **Please respect that I provide crochet tutorials for FREE. Any disrespectful individuals will be banned and reported** Thank you to the wonderful CROCHET GEEK for your passion and inspiration for crocheting. She has a great channel, check it out for more crochet patterns and projects: Crocheting for beginners: Instagram: @krystaleverdeen Tumblr: Crochet Top & More Store: ^^^^^^^ if you are interested in purchasing any of my crochet tops, that is my online store. Check it out, you may find something you love! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Facebook: Thanks for watching, subscribe and I'll see you soon!