Triangle Trains Crochet Stitch - Calendar Blanket - May - Crochet Sewing

TUTORIAL NOTE! The divider row should have 120 sts. If you have 117 and you end up with 29 ch-3 sps (like me) that's ok! If you have 30 ch-3 sps that's OK too! Both work out fine for June :) * Etsy Shop - * Tip Jar - * Shirts & Totes - * Crafting Supplies - Thank you for your Support! :) PATTERN NOTE: To Work "Triangle Trains" Stitch on it's own, you can begin with any multiple of 4 chs plus 2 chs (for turning), and begin in the 2nd ch from the hook :) *** More Previous Month's Stitches *** April "Falling Leaves" - March "A Lady's Fan" - February Stitch "Primrose" - January Stitch "Little Fishes" - Visit our Website for Tips, Tricks, Jayda's Blog, Patterns and MORE! Visit our Website - We have LOTS of Crochet Tutorials! Check out our channel homepage for all the woolly fun! ******* Subscribe & Click The Notification Bell! ******* Like & Share with your crafty friends! * Thank you so much to everyone that has visited our Etsy Shop and our T-Shirt Shop to make a purchase. You help support the show! Thank you for your continued Support! :) The Jayda InStitches Show 2018 Brought to you by The InStitches Team! :)