Interlocking Shell Crochet Stitch | how to tutorial | ripple shell blanket - Crochet Scrunchies

How to crochet the interlocking shell stitch. A very pretty stitch which is ideal for blankets and afghans with the benefit of being quick to grow. A two row repeat pattern. Multiple of 6 + 3 Foundation row: 2dc into 3rd ch from hook. *Skip 2 chains, sc into next, skip 2 chains, 5dc into next* repeat until last 3 chains, skip 2 chains and end on 3dc into the last chain. Change colour. Row 2: chain 1, sc into first stitch. *chain 2, dc5tog over next 5 stitches, chain 2, sc into next stitch* repeat to end, ending on a sc into the top of the turning chain from the row below Row 3: Chain 3, 2dc into the 1st stitch. *sc into the top of your dc5tog cluster, 5dc into the top of the sc from the row below* [do not work into your ch2 spaces from the row below - you skip over these] End with 3dc into the last stitch. Change colour. Repeat Rows 2 & 3 til end. Materials used: 6mm Hook Caron Simply Soft in colours Heather, Bone, Off White & White TIME STAMPS TO JUMP TO SECTIONS: Pattern starts at 1:58 Change Colour at 7:01 Row 2 at 7:99 Row 3 at 12:57 Got a question Just shout! Comment below or find me on social media: Facebook: Instagram: Blogger: