How to Half Treble Crochet (HTR) | Crochet Stitch List - Crochet Chunky

**OPEN FOR MORE INFORMATION** The Half Treble Crochet Stitch is the 4th largest of the basic stitches and is abbreviated (HTR). How to Half Treble Crochet - Yarn over twice, Insert hook into stitch, Yarn over, Pull yarn through stitch, Yarn over, Pull through 2 loops on hook, Pull through all remaining loops on hook. This is part of my crochet for beginner series, make sure to check out the playlist for all my crochet stitch list. Share this Video: Subscribe to My Channel for More Great Crochet Tutorials: If you want to support my work why not head over and have a look at my pattern store. Contact me / ask me questions: - Teenie.crochets@gmail.comFollow me: - Instagram @Teeniecrochets Much Love, Teenie Crochet x #HOWTOCROCHET #CROCHETFORBEGINNERS #HALFTREBLECROCHET