How to crochet the V-stitch - Crochet Stocking

Step by step instructions to crocheting the V-stitch. The V-stitch is one of my favourite stitches. It can be used for lots of different crochet projects. On the video I show several examples of finished V-stitch projects, like colourful scarves and a baby blanket. The V-stitch is shown both using double crochets and trebles. You can also make it using half-double crochets. Join my crochet FACEBOOK GROUP for more ideas! Join a great monthly YARN SUBSCRIPTION CLUB: 20% off your first order with code TUULA20 #crochet #CrochetTutorial #Vstitch #HowToCrochet If you are not sure how many stitches you need for a crochet project, check out my free stitch calculation guide at ! This method works well also for V-stitch projects. How to crochet the V-stitch. How to make V-stitch in crochet.