Crochet Circle INFINITE number of ROUNDS: HOW TO MAKE A STRAIGHT SEAM - Poncho Crochet

Hello my crochet friends! In this video I'm going to show you how to crochet a circle of infinite number of rounds. Design your crochet circle according to your needs. This tip may prove to be very useful for your circular crochet projects like mandalas, amigurumis, I will also show you how to solve a problem when joining rounds with slip stitch. Have you ever noticed that seam that forms when you join each round It always veers to the right every time we increase! With just a small trick you will be able to solve this problem This videos might be useful for you when crocheting a circle: Crochet Quick tip #6: HOW TO CLOSE CIRCLE/ROUND with SLIP STITCH Crochet basic techniques #9: HOW TO MAKE A MAGIC RING - MAGIC CIRCLE - MAGIC LOOP - ADJUSTABLE RING Crochet basic techniques #6: DOUBLE CROCHET (TREBLE / TRIPLE CROCHET - UK) Crochet Quick tip #2: HOW TO START ROUNDS CHAINLESS - STANDING DOUBLE CROCHET Crochet Quick tip #1: HOW TO CLOSE A CROCHET CIRCLE SO THE JOIN IS SEEMLESS