How To Crochet A Baby Blanket Using V Stitch | For Beginners | Kristin's Crochet Tutorial's - Crochet Stash Buster

Watch More Crochet Videos On My New Crochet Channel: WATCH MY LAST VIDEO: SUBSCRIBE & JOIN MY YOUTUBE FAMILY: MY VLOG CHANNEL: KNITCRATE Get 20% off Promo Code: Kristin20 Check Out My New Crochet Channel: More Crochet Videos: How To Make A Slip Knot (3 ways) How To Crochet A Foundation Chain Stitch How To Crochet For Beginners | Single Crochet Stitch The V-stitch is a classic crochet stitch that is very easy to work. If you can crochet chains and double crochet stitches, then you can create scarves, blankets, and other items using this stitch. This guide will show you how to work a classic double crochet V-stitch. BLANKET SIZE IS 30x40 In this video you will learn how to crochet a baby blanket. I made a chain of 64 as my base, then kept crocheting until I reached my desired width. If you decide to try to read a pattern, you might need the following chart. ABBREVIATIONS: ch = chain dc = double crochet sk = skip st = stitch t-ch = turning chain How to Single Crochet Stitch: How to Double Crochet Stitch: Another option for a baby blanket: Social Media: Blog: Snapchat: xxiamkristinxx Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Tumblr: Pinterest: Business Email: #Baby #Crochet