How To Crochet On Fabric - Sweater Crochet

Subscribe here for more videos: In this video learn a simple sewing stitch to be able to crochet right onto fabric! You can decorate ANYTHING with crochet edging after watching this video. You can crochet edging onto curtains, skirts, shawls, aprons, scarves, you name it! Watch more of my crochet videos here: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel here: Follow me on social media! Sign up for my free and exciting mailing list here: Website: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Check out my online shop where you can order directly from me! Kristin uses Be So Fine Yarn and C/2 (2.75mm) crochet hook for both the curtains and the dinner napkin. Enter coupon code YOUTUBE to receive 10% off Kristin Omdahl Yarns at