EASY Way to DIY Install INDIVIDUAL Crochet FAUX Locs using Knotless Method | NO CORNROWS: Nu Locs - Crochet Hood

Faux Locs Used: BOBBI BOSS SYNTHETIC HAIR CROCHET BRAIDS AFRICAN ROOTS BRAID COLLECTION NU LOCS 18" http://www.samsbeauty.com/service/product/ViewProduct.beautycategory_no=0&product_group=34131549 -I used about 3 1/2 packs. So its best to get 4 packs Color of Crochet Faux Locs used: -1B (3 packs) and - M1B/30 (about 3 or 4 Hair Jewelry/ accessories from Sam's beauty: -Leaf: http://www.samsbeauty.com/service/product/ViewProduct.beautycategory_no=321&product_group=54149811 -Cross: http://www.samsbeauty.com/service/product/ViewProduct.beautycategory_no=321&product_group=14549745 Hair accessories: (Dollar Tree) -Jute chord -Floral wire Lip Stick: Nicka K Velveteen lipstickhttp://www.nicka.com/index.php/lip/lipstick/velveteen.html Colors -Gianduja Chocolate -Black Berry ****Knotless Method Inspired by Jazz Nicole Let's Stay Connected! Follow me on all Social Media: Instagram: @msnaturallymary Facebook: Msnaturallymary Twitter: @marytaylor7 Pinterest: Msnaturallymary Tumblr: @msnaturallymary For Business Inquiries email me naturallymary@gmail.comLinks to previous PROTECTIVE STYLE/Hergivenhair videos: HOW TO MAKE A FULL WIG WITH A CLOSURE FOR BEGINNERS : My favorite Protective Style| Start 2 Finish https://youtu.be/VVz7bDfz9bE Chic and Simple HAIRSTYLES for KINKY CURLY Wigs: How to INSTALL | HERGIVENHAIR | Protective Style https://youtu.be/xMcqZVRZF5A Styling Kinky Clip ins: https://www.youtube.com/../redirect.php?w=rB29QNJd82E https://www.youtube.com/../redirect.php?w=j0ZLh5Z2NQk&t=38s Curly Routine: https://www.youtube.com/../redirect.php?w=L5FQo.. . Flexi rods with Coily clip ins: https://www.youtube.com/../redirect.php?w=dPymN.. . 7 styles with Hergivenhair: https://www.youtube.com/../redirect.php?w=vi1S0.. .