EASY Method to Install CROCHET BRAIDS | NO CORNROWS | NO HAIR OUT| NO BRAIDS ft Trendy Tresses - Crochet Halloween

Crochet Braids are such an easy way to obtain length, while also creating fun and flirty styles. I used to do crochet braids all the time when I initially began my natural hair journey. As a result of how time consuming they were at the time, due to a long & taxing install, along with having to curl the hair myself, I decided to stop. But, I’m so glad companies like Trendy Tresses now offer pre-curled, natural looking hair to do #crochetbraids and that I discovered a faster and easier way to install with #nocornrows The method I show case in this video is like the #braidlesscrochetbraids which only took me about an 2 hours to complete . It’s so easy anyone can do it! I hope that you enjoy this video! Be sure to like comment and subscribe Xoxo Hair used: Goddess Curls Link : https://trendytresses.shop/Maryy Specs: Length: 14 Color: natural black (1b) Texture: curly collection # of packs needed: 2-3 packs I used about 4 1/3 Maintenance tips: How to keep your Tresses looking Trendy: 1.Lightly spritz your hair with a fabric conditioner and water mix- yep FABRIC CONDITIONER - remember synthetic hair is a fibre, not real hair! 2. Gently finger detangle your hair from tip to root , GENTLY- rough handling is more likely to frizz and matt the hair! 3. Optional: Section your hair into four and loosely twist before bed- this will help to preserve those luscious curls! 4. Wear a satin or silk scarf/bonnet to bed 5. Remember to wear a shower cap before you shower! Follow them on: Instagram : @trendytresses1 Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/trendytresses1/locale2=en_GB Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/trendytresses1lang=en Products used in my hair: -Grow secrets moisturizer -Down fabric conditioner -Keracare edge control from their Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil line Most recent Crochet Braid Video https://youtu.be/94-wrOKeWu8 Top Deets: Shein https://goo.gl/pgBVQF Use the coupon code : Q1MsnaturallyMary15 (15% off ) Shop Shein here :https://goo.gl/iUsUJ1 (I’d recommend getting a larger size. They run small) Necklace deets: @blessedafriqueboutique❤️ Use Code: “Msnaturallymary” to save http://www.omoladeenterprises.com/productsaff=SyGCGz6tV Headband: From Walmart ( I couldn’t find the link. I purchased it in store. Below I’ve provided similar designs) https://www.walmart.com/ip/Feinuhan-Pretty-Golden-Tone-Autumn-Falling-Leaves-Boho-Hair-Piece-Stretch-Headband/435051426 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Lux-Accessories-Gold-Tone-Casted-Leaves-Leaf-Goddess-Headwrap-Headband/578951169 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Golden-Tone-Row-of-Rose-Flower-Outlines-Fashion-Stretch-Hair-Headband/135042473 Similar headband: https://www.amazon.com/ReNext-Festival-Grecian-Forehead-Necklace/dp/B00F5PR0LM Headwrap: My Native Wraps https://mynativewraps.com/shop/enobong Makeup Tutorial: My EVERYDAY FLAWLESS MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Affordable Drugstore Makeup (DETAILED) https://youtu.be/fg-FF3PIS28 Previous Crochet Videos: Crochet Braids Curly: How to Make Crochet Braids look Natural Protective Style| Msnaturallymary https://youtu.be/murWwXwpams How to do a high puff: Crochet Braids Curly ~ CURLED DOING A ROD SET| Msnaturallymary https://youtu.be/g2ZA7px-Fuw EASY Way to DIY Install INDIVIDUAL Crochet FAUX Locs using Knotless Method | NO CORNROWS: Nu Locs https://www.youtube.com/../redirect.php?w=-kr_MHkCFJc&t=57s Easiest Ways to Install Individual Crochet Faux Locs| No Cornrows!! Free-parting (Very Detailed) https://www.youtube.com/../redirect.php?w=FNrRw4z6jIA&t=40s Let's Stay Connected! Instagram: http://instagram.com/msnaturallymary Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mary.taylor... . Twitter:https://twitter.com/MaryTaylor7 Tumblr: Msnaturallymary Pinterest:http://www.pinterest.com/marynatural/ / TECH EQUIPMENT: Camera: Canon T5i https://amzn.to/2thetg6 Lighting: Diva Ring Light https://amzn.to/2I4Oseb ____________________________________________________________________ ➡️For business and partnership opportunities please naturallymary@gmail.com