Crochet Senegalese Twists never looked this GOOD!! | ft. Samsbeauty | EASYYY - Crochet Cacoon

I've been wanting to do some type of braided style but I hate doing individuals braids/twists. It just takes too long! So, I tried my hand at another crochet style--Senegalese Twists. After watching about 20-30 different videos on the matter, I got to work and about 4-5 hours later I have this BEAUTIFUL hairstyle. One channel in particular really made this style achievable: beautycanbraid -- I watched several of her crochet braid pattern videos and ended up with a similar but different base/foundation to install my twist. •Hair INFO• AUTHENTIC SYNTHETIC HAIR CROCHET BRAID PRE-STRETCHED LOOP SENEGALESE TWIST BRAID 22" SAMSBEAUTY IG&FB follow samsbeauty on Instagram like samsbeauty facebook page