How to Crochet Box Braids On Yourself Tutorial: LOOKS REAL! FAST! - Crochet Rounds

HOW I STYLE THIS HAIR: Very Detailed, step by step tutorial on how to do crochet box braids on yourself. Perfect for beginners. Whether you have short hair, natural hair, or anything else. Crochet box braids make braiding hair much faster and easier. It would also allow you to use different color braids without you having to worry about blending your own hair into the braids since none of your real hair has to be braided into these box braids. Because this style shows you how to braid your hair faster, this style could also be perfect for kids!In this tutorial, I do a long big box braid style crochet that can be worn in a bun, high pony tail, middle, or side part. My braiding pattern allows for more versatility without having to braid individual box braids. More about Me and My Long Relaxed Hair: I used 10 packs of hair ITEM NAME FREETRESS Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Long Medium Box Braid 24" LINK TO HAIR