DIY very easy lace shift dress - Crochet Freetress

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2 yards of lace fabric
2 yards of lining (I chose knit because of the comfort and stretch)
Boxy top and A line skirt (or something close enough!)
scissors, matching thread, sewing machine

1. grab 2 or more yards of lace and lining fabric. My lining is knit because I find it more comfortable.
2. also grab a boxy top and an A-line skirt. Fold them and the fabric and match the folds up.
3. Mark the arm hole shape like so, then follow the top and skirt down to make an A-line shape and make sure to add seam allowance.
4. Repeat to make the back of the dress.
5. Now line up the fold of the inside out sleeve to the fold of the lace. 6. Mark the curve of the arm hole and taper down to an A-line shape.Like so. I found that the top of the curve and the end of the curve are within a square. And I decided to make it elbow length instead!
7. Cut out the lining fabric to to be the same as the lace front and back piece, but take it in a little so it doesn’t bunch underneath.
8. Sew the shoulder seams of the lace dress together.
9. Open up the dress so you see the neck hole in the center.
10.Grab the center of the sleeve and pin it it the shoulder seam right sides together. Then pin the sleeve outwards from there. If the dress doesn’t like up perfectly thats ok because we will be matching it up later when we sew it.
11. sew the sleeve to the arm hole and repeat with the other side.
12. Leave the lace dress inside out and the sides up. sew along the sleeve down the sides to close up the dress.
13. Grab the lining pieces and line them up right sides together. Sew up the side and shoulder seams.
14. Then hem the sleeves under with a rolled hem by rolling the edge under 1/4 twice and sew.
15. Try the dress on and mark any adjustments as well as mark where you want the neckline and the lining’s hem to hit.
16. Cut out the neckline on the lace and the lining to be the same
17. Turn the lining and the lace dress inside out. Now slide the lining into the lace and match up the neckline and sew.
18. Turn the lining into the dress and you’re almost done! Unless you want to add a topstitch to the neckline here you can. Last hem the bottom of the lining.