How to Crochet the Moroccan Tile Stitch Purse - Boho Crochet

I made a total of 66 SCs around the zipper.
The stitch is in multiple of 3. You need 2 colors of yarn to get the best look in making this purse.

Updated: August 8, 2018
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Update: August 3, 2018
with 24,000+ subscribers as of this moment, I am so overwhelmed and very proud that I have uploaded this video. I remember it was a struggle uploading this over a public WiFi at a mall because there's been a typhoon a week before and then when it was over, there were power lines that were damaged. It took 3 weeks to repair the internet connection. I was so eager to upload on a regular basis at that time and hoping it would make a hit ONE DAY.

Actually, no one in my family believed about the opportunity I can get out of uploading crochet video tutorials on YouTube. They know I like doing it but they just couldn't tell me to stop already because they think it's a waste of my time. (They couldn't tell me on my face but their looks can tell!)

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What makes me so proud are some of the my fellow crocheters that tagged me their work from this pattern and expressed their gratitude over this design.

At first I had doubts about my works, but I have seen them making these projects through my channel and this makes me really happy that I forget that not everyone liked my design. I am just happy I have inspired even just a few people that shares my passion.

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