Crochet Bikini Bottom | Easy and Cute Tutorial | Size Small - Crochet Aphgans

Hello Everyone, in today's video I will be showing you guys how to crochet a really nice and cute red crochet bikini bottom. Hope you guys enjoy!!!!!

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Important information for sellers and YouTubers:

If you guys wish to use this project in your business, feel free to do so, you can always ask me if you want. I am here to help you all to make projects for you and for your customers, and mainly to help with the growth of your business. Just remember that there are a million patterns online and in stores to buy, so sometimes you can find projects that are similar out there, but my projects will never be the same as anyone else, I will for sure let you guys know when I am doing someone else's work. But one important thing to remember, please do not copy my projects and upload it on YouTube, if you got inspired, and want to make a video on it, just make some changes to the style of the project, that would make it different from someone else's work and not the same!

Thank you guys!

All the best, and I hope that this information helped you.


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Hey Guys, my name is Bruna! I’m from Brazil, but I’m living in London for seven years now, and I love it. I had the opportunity to learn a new language and meet some amazing friends. This is a Beauty and DIY channel, where I will be making videos about crochet, makeup, hair, DIY and so on.

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