Bunka Punch Embroidery Part 2 of 2 - Bunka With Flair - Crochet Ruana

Part 2 of the Bunka Punch Embroidery how-to video showing you Bunka Shi Shu techniques for when you are stitching your Bunka With Flair and Tokyo kits.

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What is Bunka
It is a punch embroidery and what makes it so different from other forms of embroidery is that the stitches are not looped through the fabric. Instead they are punched into the fabric and held in place by the kink in the special rayon thread. The other major difference is the unique hollow tube needles that are used to punch the thread into the canvas. The thread is 4-ply rayon lily yarn that is only made in Japan. The canvas is a very tight polyester gabardine and must be tacked drum tight onto a wooden work frame.

Where to purchase:
Since 1986 Bunka With Flair has been North America's largest retail and wholesale distributor of Bunka punch embroidery craft kits and accessories. We carry all Bunka With Flair, Tokyo Bunka kits as well as an extensive variety of accessories.

To purchase these stitching materials and kits from Bunka With Flair please call toll free for English service to 1-888-340-2444 or order through our website http://www.bunkawithflair.com/