7 Basic Embroidery Stitches - Crochet Hairband

Here's a simple video showing you seven basic (and most common) embroidery stitches.

This quick little showcase covers --
- Back Stitch
- Split Stitch
- Stem Stitch
- Chain Stitch
- Blanket Stitch
- Satin Stitch
- French Knot

Recommended books --
- 'The Stitch Bible' by Kate Haxell
- 'Embroidery' by Penny Black, India Flint and Vicki Porter
- 'Doodle Stitching' by Aimee Ray

In this tutorial I used --
- DMC thread/floss,
- A no.7 embroidery needle
- White 100% cotton homespun fabric
- A 125mm/5" round wooden embroidery hoop

**Apologies for the blurred/out-of-focus shots: filming embroidery stitching is very tricky!

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Thanks for watching!! xx

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