Wall Decorating Ideas | Ribbon Embroidery Flowers by Hand | HandiWorks #58 - Crochet Turkey

Ribbon embroidery, usually done with soft silk ribbons, adds a beautifully textured dimension to your embroidered fabric.
It looks classy and has an old-world charm associated with it. Flowers done with ribbon embroidery look stunning on dresses, purses and pillow covers.

Choose a tight fabric with an even-weave. Linen, dupioni silk, velvet, denim, cotton brocade, moiré are ideal. The fabric should be secured in an embroidery hoop.

You should use a chenille needle for ribbon embroidery. Though silk works best, you can also use tapestry (blunt end for weaving stitches)
For this design 7mm silk ribbon fills a detailed embroidery pattern quite well.

You can also try ribbon embroidery with simple embroidery stitches like lazy daisy, stem, blanket, and French knot. You may use the stitches individually or in combination with the others. For machine ribbon embroidery you need to refer guides and manuals specific to your model.
Color is an important part of your decision about which flowers to have. The petals about 15 mm (1.5cm) long.

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