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This glove pattern is very basic and in this video i show how i customize it to Rilakkuma gloves and Mickey Mouse gloves.
If you don't know how to crochet - don't worry, this tutorial is very easy and great for beginners.
Also if you have any questions please comment below.

This is a very simple pattern for beginners.
There is no increasing/decreasing stitches.
The crochet direction is from the finger knuckles to the wrist.

SC = Single Crochet Stitch

Chain 28 Stitches (the chain should fit around your finger knuckles - add/remove Stitches if needed)
Join the two ends with a slip stitch.

Round 1-10: Single crochet stitch (SC) in each stitch.
Round 11: Thumb slot- Chain 9 Stitches and then SC in the second stitch from the hook. continue the Round with SC in each stitch.
Round 12-21: SC in each stitch.
At this point the glove should reach your wrist - add/remove Rounds if needed)
Round 22-27: change yarn color, SC in each stitch. finish off with a slip stitch.

If you make those gloves please share on Instagram #2cats1doll.
Good luck and have fun!
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