Virus Shawl - Crochet Kitchen

This Virus Shawl is beautiful and quite simple. Each set of rows repeating and to build a beautiful garment.
I will teach you to crochet the first few rows of this shawl so you can complete it on your own. Stay tuned for my how to finish your virus shawl in a picot stitch.
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Virus Poncho
Row 12 is a repeat of row 8
13 is 9
14 is 10
15 is 11
Then you start over, every 4 rows are repeated.
16 is 8 or 12
17 is 9 or 13
18 is 10 or 14
19 is 11 or 15
BUT remember your shawl is GROWING, so there will not be exact repeats of any row, just step back and look at your progress and where your "arches" are.

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