Easy Lacy Crochet Scarf - Split Shell Pattern - Crochet Bracelet

It's a Set! This lovely scarf matches our cute split shell beanie pattern (scroll down for the link). It's a beautiful finish to your cool weather outfit :) Want a narrower scarf Try starting with 29 chains (you'll be working 6 split shells)!
** Matching Beanie - https://youtu.be/vQfNz2HwSZQ
** Matching Fingerless Gloves - https://youtu.be/h9N9nWDIcKY
Easy Knit Cowl - https://youtu.be/T4o2oEl9ntI
Nyan Cat Scarf - https://youtu.be/B5wwG9hyvhI
Crochet Cowl - https://youtu.be/D3QpiQFY9-A
Easy, Fast Scarf - https://youtu.be/vhq1bNWau0M

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